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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What will I benefit as an educator from Keith’s all-inclusive membership “Think Like a Nurse”?

A: Most new educators do not receive adequate training to be successful in this new and challenging role. This membership focuses on the TEACHING that any nurse educator needs to better prepare students for clinical practice and licensure by implementing educational best practices that include implementing active learning to contextualize content to practice.

Think Like a Nurse, also emphasizes the TOOLS to quickly implement active learning and develop clinical judgment in the clinical setting. The educator must first be empowered by teaching to use the tools successfully.

Q: Who will benefit from this membership?

A: If you are a new full-time educator or part-time clinical adjunct, this membership site is perfect for you. It will provide essential teaching that will lay a solid foundation to help you successfully transition to your new role. Experienced educators who recognize the need to do things differently have also found this content helpful and appreciate the time-saving tools that can be easily accessed at the click of a button!

Q: How often will you be adding additional webinars?

A: Two new webinars will be added each month on relevant topics that focus on faculty development, teaching clinical judgment in the class and clinical settings, and “hot topics” such as student incivility and addressing infobesity in the content/curriculum. This means that the membership grows in value the longer you subscribe!

Q: How is this membership different than NurseTim’s webinar subscription for nurse educators?

A: The webinars are shorter averaging 20-30 minutes so they can be easily viewed in one sitting and/or presented in a staff meeting to encourage departmental dialogue. The webinar presentations include video of the presenter and are not a voiceover PowerPoint. Most webinars include bonus time-saving tools and supplemental resources so that educational best-practices presented can easily be made actionable.

Q: What if this membership doesn’t meet my needs?

A: No problem. I offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee.

Q: How do I obtain a refund?

A: Send an email to, and I will promptly refund your purchase.

Q: What if I have a question or need support?

A: Send an email to Membership Support detailing your concern and my attentive webmaster will promptly and personally assist you 🙂